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Vivek Rao Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.0
IP Messenger is a pop-up messenger developed for multiple platforms by Shirozu Hiroaki.
It is a simple, light program which can be installed or run directly without any installation.
The program uses the TCP over IP or UDP to connect to the network.
The program is stand-alone and does not require any client-server mechanisms for the text and file transfer.
The first step is to use the settings screen and input the user name and the group name to start using the messenger. A messenger window pops-up with the message when there is a new message.
Some useful settings available from the Tray-Icon :
By checking the "None Popup Check" the messenger window does not pop-up but the tray-icon animates.
Checking the "No Recieve Sound" mutes the alert-sounds on new messages.
Check the "Default Sealed Check" to send private and secure messages which can be read only after the user unlocks his/her messenger with a password.
Files or folders can be just dragged into the messenger screen and transfered to the intended recipient.
The program does not show the File/Folder transfer progress to the sender and hence one should be careful to keep the computer switched on while the file transfer is in progress.
The messenger can also be used to communicate via the Internet.
This feature requires an Internet gateway with a Public IP or a valid domain (FQDN)
Firewall ports need to be unblocked for such a setup, an example connection would look like.
TCP FQDN/server :ms-wbt-server client_address_port:49441 ESTABLISHED
TCP client_address_port:49441 FQDN/server :ms-wbt-server ESTABLISHED

For use in offices with a large number of users, the list of members in the messenger can be sorted based on different groups. The messages sent and received can be logged to a file when configured. URLs can be opened directly (with a double-click) from the messenger without copying/pasting them into the browser address bar. The clickable URL can also be configured to open specific programs for different kinds of URLs.
More program options can be seen by right-clicking on the active task window, such as : Display Settings - Show Group, Host, IP Address and others and the sort options.
Fix Window positions, Size settings, Font settings and File/Folder transfer.
The size of the executable program is about 156K and occupies about 4 MB of memory when running.
The program does not release memory after a file transfer, resulting in a memory leak.


  • Does not need a server for communication between two computers.
  • Large files and folders can be transfered instantly on local networks.


  • No Help available for the program.
  • Does not auto-refresh for new users joining/leaving the network.
  • Does not show file transfer progress to the sender.

What's new in version 3.4

Update libpng (1.5.9 -> 1.5.10)
Fix hidden button label in classic style.
(It will be the final version that supports Windows2000.)

What's new in version 3.3

-Support to export settings to .reg file. Fix "Log file" button in settings.
-Support display (area specified) capture.
-Support detail settings of balloon notifications.
-Update libpng (1.5.2 -> 1.5.4) for VU#819894
Misc refine.Misc refine.
-Prevent to lost focus in active window when embedded image messsage is received.
-Release 64bit version.
-Support select users by user(sended) history.
-Support old-style message-open notification.
-Support delayed message-open notification, if desktop window is not activated(ex. screen saver).
-Improve unopened message monitor.
-Change default behavior to open Send Window by single click.
-Misc refine.
-Support icremental search for userlist (Ctrl F).
-Change recv/log header format.
-Improve send list prefix color.
-Improve setting dialog.
-Change zip archive to exe installer.
some fix.
-Unopened message monitor.
-RSA2048/SHA-1 digital sign/verify.
-Userid extension(public-key fingerprint).
-Choose Directed/Limited broadcast for local segment.
-File/Folder Transfer.
-RSA/Blowfish Encryption of communication data.
-Host name (FQDN) support on Broadcast setup.
-Specifying NIC extension.
-Balloon Notification.

Publisher's description

IP Messenger is a pop up style LAN Messenger for multi platforms. It is based on TCP/IP(UDP). It does not require a server machine and it has a simple, lightweight, and compact size. IP Messenger supports a fast file and folder transfer and offers message encryption.

Latest comments

  All comments (7)
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    Guest Last month

    Nice but it has no notification sound.

  • 0
    Guest 5 months ago

    I am working on Windows 8.1, and I have installed Win IP Messenger. I can receive files from others but when I am sending files to them they are not able to download the files. It happens only in my system. I don't know why this happens. Please help me to get rid of this issue.

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      Guest 2 months ago

      Because you are using Win 64-bit and other Win 32-bit.

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    Mahesh Prince Last year

    If we use this IP Messenger, does the admin record every msgs we transfer like these data are stored in the server?

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